Sunday, 25 September 2011

Need to get to you

Undisputed, undecided,
Moving cause i have too,
Someone just called my name, but i dont hear,
Need to get away from the crowd, need to get to you

Hands like jaws, holding me back,
Telling me that i have fucking lost my mind,
They won’t get it; no one will understand why I’m running,
Tears blind me but it isn’t stopping me, i need to get to you

Why is it all so dark, where is the light gone?
Covered in misery, hiding from the truth and the reality,
Time warned me that it won't wait; i know i could lose you any minute,
Feels like my life is on a standstill, and i need to get to you somehow

Captured, tormented and beaten down,
My poor soul is entombed; can you come and let it out?
Why won’t they just let me go, standing on my way like stones and rocks
Can't they see the desperation in my eyes? I got to see you, see that its alright

Drunk in fury, i can’t think straight
Wish i could pray, and free you of all the pain,wish i could make it all mine,
The insanity the frustration that you threw at me ,all turn to determination,
Because you’re so close to me now, that all i got to do is close my eyes, and there you are.

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