Thursday, 1 September 2011

Expressing In Words

Have you ever written something and then erased it? Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but never found the right words to say it? Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and fogotten the words in your head. I have. somedays when i look at him, i feel like just screaming at him how much i love him. but i can never do it, its not cause im not strong enough, its cause im sure that words cant even start to explain what i feel. i write thousands of messages a day that i wish i could send to him, but somehow when i re read them, they seem to make no sense. When he looks at me, words freeze in my mind. speechless, doesnt seem to be an exaggeration anymore. Think how fustrating it must be. Worst thing is, when i do find the words they come out this way, lame. Sometimes i try and explain to people what i feel for him, but however hard i try i can never explain it. Try doing this sometime, describing an overpowering emotion, you'll realise there is no way to do it. Specially love, cant put words to it. Cause when you love someone there are a thousand other emotions attached too.  So how do we express love? ive realised that you dont need to say "i love you". life isnt some bollywood movie after all. Be persistent. dont give up hope, dont let them break you down, instead stand beside them like a wall, and someday, maybe years later, they will realise that you mean to them as much as they mean to you.

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