Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A walk down the streets

Walk, not to reach a place,
Walk, just to get away,
Walking fast, head held low,
Walking away from all the pain.

When life treats you wrong,
When nothing goes the way you've planned,
When the whole world seems to be against you,
Leave the promises behind, walk away from the lies.

You can stand and fight,
Bare the misconceptions, face the wrath,
Or you can merge into the crowd,
Invinisble as you walk with the wind in your hair.

The streets are free of rigid minds,
Its the only road free of sacrifice,
No love exists, no compromise,
Walk, cause you've got to live for yourself, once in a while.

Walk faster and faster till no one can catch you,
Run faster and faster till you cross all boundaries,
No ropes, no ties, nothing to hold you back,
Just close your eyes and walk yourself to Freedom.

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